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Volume Rendering(170K)
Skylight Effect(340K)
Weather Report (1 M)
The Earth II (1.1M)
Snow Color
Clouds from Photographs (1.0M) (old version...)
Induction Heating Simulation (440KB)
The Cloud (Quick Time) (2MB) Music by do-moto
full version(4.8MB) Cloud Simulation (half) (mpeg)
Illumination of Light (mpeg) (4.5MB) Music: "Below the large tree", COPYRIGHT(C) 1999 mido
Efficient Rendering of Under-water scenes (mpeg)
Flight under Thunderclouds (mpeg)
The earth is blue. (mpeg; 4.2 MB) Interactive operation on note PC (captured images)
Real-time Drive Simulator (mpeg)(Images are rendered in real-time)
sisiodosi teapot Real-time Rendering of Caustics
Real-time Rendering of Aerodynamic Sound(Images as well as sound are rendered in real-time)
Fast Rendering of Vortex Sound (Images as well as sound are rendered in real-time)
Radiosity for Point-Sampled Geometry
Painterly Rendering of Water
Fast Rendering of Glossy Reflection
Visual simulation of earth-scale clouds
Real-time Haptic Interaction with Water
Clouds Illuminated by Lightning with Multiple Scattering
Real-time Visual Simulation of Fire
Interaction between smoke and rigid objects
Control  of cumuliform cloud simulation
Modeling of Clouds from a Single Photograph
Adjusting Parameters for Rendering Clouds