Real-time Rendering of Aerodynamic Sound Using Sound Textures based on Computational Fluid Dynamics

Yoshinori Dobashi
Tsuyoshi Yamamoto
(Hokkaido University)

Tomoyuki Nishita
(The University of Tokyo)

( SIGGRAPH 2003 )

Examples of Aerodynamic Sound

The animations included in this document demonstrate various examples of aerodynamic sound generated by our method.

** Depending on the computer and the movie player, audio may not synchronize with images.

Sound generated by swinging objects. The first animation shows the sound generated by swinging a sword. The second one shows the sound generated by swinging a club. The motion of the club is same as that of the sword.
Sound generated by rotating a sphere tied with a wire. The speed of the sphere increases gradually. Sound due to the wire is not simulated.
Sound generated by circular cylinders approaching the receiver.
An application to character animation, a bear swinging a huge club.
Another application to character animation, a warrior swinging two swords.
Sound due to a cold wintry wind.
Sound generated by a draft through a gap between windows.
Sound generated by a wind. This example demonstrates the unpleasant noise discussed in the paper. The sound texture for this example is computed with large Reynolds number (Re = 13,333) (*).

(*) Reynolds numbers for other examples are of the order of 10^3.