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(Prof. T. Sederberg (left) and me (right))
When I was student, Dr. Sederberg visited to our lab (Electric Machinery Lab, Hiroshima Univ.).

(Mr. G. Ashraf (left), Dr. Y. Shinagawa (center), and me (right))
We enjoyed dinner at the restaurant of the Night Safari in Singapore.

(Prof. T. Nishita (left), Dr. K. Akeley (center), me (right))
At SIGGRAPH 2000. Dr. K. Akeley was a papers chair of SIGGRAPH 2000.

(Prof. J. Dorsey (left), and me (right))
paper presentation at SIGGRAPH 2000. Prof. J. Dorsey was a chair of my session.

(from left) Dr. K. Anjyo, Dr. D. Paul, Prof. T. Nishita, and me
Paul visited to Prof. Nishita's lab.

(from left) Me, Dr. T. Saito, Prof. Sederberg, Prof. Nishita, and Dr. Kakimoto
Prof. Sederberg visited to Prof. Nishita's lab.

(from left) Prof. Nishita, me, Prof. Blinn, and Prof. Sederberg
At the reception of SIGGRAPH 2003.

(from left) Prof. Saito, Prof. Nishita, me, Prof. Sederberg, and Prof. Cohen
At SIGGRAPH 2003 just after the fastforward presentation.

Prof. Hodgins and me at the paper reception.
Prof. Hodgins was a papers chair of SIGGRAPH 2003.

Paper presentation at SIGGRAPH 2003.

With Prof. Shin in front of Sapporo Tokei-dai

With Prof. Robin and Prof. Ma at Pacific Graphics 2009.

With Prof. Doug James at SIGGRAPH 2010.

With Prof. Ken Perlin at Tokyo University, 2011

With Dr. Jos Stam and Dr. Makoto Okabe at Kyushu, 2012

With Prof. Peng at a sake shop in Otaruu.

With Dr. Peter-Pike Sloan at Siggraph Asia 2012 (Singapore). He was the paper chair.

With Dr. David Kirk at Tokyo Univ.

With Prof. Eitan Grinpsun at a Japanese Restaurant (Hantei) near Tokyo Univ.

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