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The WWW Signboard Factory
The world's first online CG factory in cyber space

Have you ever wondered how you could make a beautiful CG signboard for your WWW pages?The WWW signboard factory can help you. The WWW signboard factory is the first online Easy-Order CG design system in cyber space. Just fill in the order form below and click the order button. You will get the preview image in minutes.
The WWW signboard factory was designed at and is operated by Hokkaido University under the supervision of Tsuyoshi Yamamoto. Behind the page, one Linux based PC is running for raytracing. We use a home brew ray tracer, called LSD(Language for Scene Description) developed by Tsuyoshi Yamamoto, Hokkaido University.
Any comments are welcome. For more information, please contact the designer in chief, Tsuyoshi Yamamoto

What's New from Tsuyoshi Yamamoto

Choose a basic design from the listing

[Model BS256]

Basic 2-line signboard with background texture. You can choose font size, font color and background texture.

[Model 3D001]

True 3D signboard with mirror reflection.

[Model BS257]

Instant 3D font maker. You can make an image of an alphabetic character with a 3D look. You can choose letter, surface color, background color and shadow. Make fonts and assemble them for a larger signboard!

[Model BS258]

CG name plate. Press your name on a brass-like plate.

Special thanks to Mr. Stephen Oetjen, Middle Tennessee State University who helps us by brushing up this page.